Gepersonaliseerde Videos


Gepersonaliseerde videocampagnes

Based on our passion for sports, media and total experience and the knowledge and skills of the digital world, we have developed a unique personalized video tool. PSV’s Christmas greeting campaign in 2015 has been the starting point for a large number of unique projects in which personalized video was central. 


You can use personalized video to achieve leading results, but above all to put a smile on the face of your customer or fan. Below are a number of examples with campaigns developed by us as examples. Remember that a campaign contains more than just the video. Think of unique landing pages, social media sharing options, database links and enrichment, unique discount codes and more.

Thanks to direct links to your database, we can quickly and easily format, render and send videos. Texts, images, spoken texts, video in video, selection options in the gradient, animations or normal video. We create it for you.


Did you know that in most cases sending a personalized video is also (much) cheaper than sending a personal card?

Mogelijke inzet gepersonaliseerde videocampagnes voor jouw bedrijf:

Welcome for new members or customers

Thank you! General, or after a donation or participation



Company video on demand

Renewal or acquisition of members/customers

Christmas shopping (holidays)

Invitations (including digitized reply form)

Is your wish not listed here? That’s not so crazy. 1 on 1 marketing can be used very widely!

Would you like to discuss with us which options may be suitable for your company, or would you like to discuss a nice script while enjoying a cup of coffee?

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How does personalized video work?

A personalized video message is a video where personal elements have been added. Personalization in video. This can also be in the form of a personalized animation. This way you can personally address (potential) customers by having their name appear in the video. As a result, every customer receives their own, unique and personal video. With relevant information.

This is all possible thanks to data. Data that you as a company have. Often through a CRM system. This data is the input for your video. The more data is available, the more personalization is possible. We receive all relevant, available data and our UX designer creates a database for this. We then tell an online video platform to consult this database, so that the data is loaded into the dynamic video or animation in real time.

Make your video unique and personal.

Want to boost your marketing with personalized video or personalized animation? Smart. By displaying a name, photo or other relevant information, you address the viewer personally. This makes it feel special. And let’s face it, isn’t that what we all want? In any case, our digital marketers and audiovisual specialists can’t wait to get started! With this personal video you directly address your target group. All information in the video is precisely tailored to your target audience. Think, for example, of a video about pension accrual, an insurance policy or a tour of your organization. At Phil & Flo we know exactly how best to personalize your video!