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The programming of software and website development is an expensive activity for organizations. If you don’t have the resources or time to train someone yourself, you also have the option to outsource the programming through our IT team.

Our working method is characterized by a clear but realistic time and price estimate. You can have your development project carried out entirely by our programmers or just a part of it. In addition, it is also possible, if you are satisfied with the work performed, to purchase hours in advance at a more competitive price.

PHP 5 and 7 Framework Outsourcing

MySQL / MySQL Outsourcing

Hetmedia offers PHP and MySQL development services to clients across all sectors be it SME, startups, or MSME. MySQL backend system is a must for every business be it tech, pharmacy, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, FMCG, education, fashion, cosmetic, or any other market segment. We have certified development professionals who understand your accounting requirements and build cutting edge MySQL backend. Our MySQL development services include –

  • MySQL Integration
  • MySQL Support and Maintenance
  • MySQL Database Auditing
  • MySQL Optimization

Why Choose Hetmedia For Outsource MySQL & PostgreSQL Database Development

Bringing together the intelligence of experienced software engineers and IT professionals and by deploying rigid MySQL systems, we make proficient back-end systems that help organizations to handle huge data with ease. Hetmedia is a renowned PHP and MySQL web development company in India. We provide all services on the cloud with cutting edge technology to clients worldwide. You can outsource your MySQL development services to India as it has an added advantage.

PostgreSQL outsourcing

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database, meaning that it provides support for custom objects and behavior, which includes data types, operations, functions, indexes, and domains. What is more, PostgreSQL allows creating, storing, and retrieving complex data structures. All these make the database extremely reliable and flexible. PostgreSQL offers a vast range of other advantages. Here are some of the most significant benefits that you can expect when opting for PostgreSQL development services:

1. PostgreSQL Consulting Services
2. PostgreSQL Design and Development Solutions
3. PostgreSQL Migration from MySQL/MariaDB
4. PostgreSQL Testing and QA

Database Outsourcing

In the Outsourced Database Model (ODB), organizations outsource their data management needs to an external service provider. The service provider hosts client’s databases and offers seamless mechanisms to create, store, update and access (query) their databases. If you are looking for supplemental expertise for the maintenance and support of operational databases, then remote database administration (or database outsourcing) may be what you are looking for, especially outside of normal business hours.

A remote database service provider controls the operations of an organization’s database and makes sure that critical parameters are kept and performance goals achieved. Even though database administration outsourcing does not include code development or application maintenance, database administrators are always ready to respond to adverse situations, such as database alerts, and act accordingly.

Most remote database administration is carried out off-site, and it includes monitoring database instances running in either the client’s data center or a third-party data center.

PHP 5 and 7 outsourcing

It Outsourcing

Joomla Outsourcing

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